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BioNordika BN-1006-08dNTP Mix - 10 mM, 0,8 ml - Styck
BioNordika BN-1010-100XOZap-1step PCR Clean up (100rxn) - Styck
BioNordika BN-1010-20XOZap-1step PCR Clean up (20rxn) - Styck
BioNordika BN-1010-500XOZap-1step PCR Clean up (500rxn) - Styck
BioNordika BN-50004Standard Agarose - Type LE 500g - Styck
BioNordika BN-51100Water For Molecular Biology 500 ml - Styck
BioNordika BN-77-410-05Plate Sealers fp 100 st (ark) - Styck
BioNordika BN-C1301-B-230V-EUSpectrafuge Mini Bionordika - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB0020LLeibovitz's L-15 medium w/o L-glutamine - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB2000LRPMI 1640 with L-Glutamine - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB2055LRPMI 1640 Dutch Modification w/o L-Glutamine w 1 gr/l Sodium Bicarbonate w 20mM Hepes - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB2056LMEDIUM 199 with Earle's salts - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB2069LMEM Eagle (2x) with Earle’s Salt, w/o Phenol Red, w Sodium Bicarbonate - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB2070LMEM with Earle's Salts with L- Glutamine - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB2071LMEM with Earle's Salts - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB2072LIscove's Modified Dulbecco's Medium with 25mM Hepes and L-Glutamine - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB3000DL-Glutamine 100X (200 mM) - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB3001DPenicillin/Streptomicin 100X - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB3003DL-Glutamine (200mM) w Penicillin/Streptomicin 100X - Styck
BioNordika BN-ECB3004DStable Glutamine (200mM) - Styck

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